Get Your Free Blue Books…

Who doesn’t like something for nothing? We offer free Blue Books when you stop by the Alumni Center (200 Fletcher St., next to the Michigan League) with your Mcard. While you’re there, and if you find you have a few spare moments, you can learn about all of the programs and services available to you now and after graduation.

…And Free Student Business Cards

Nothing makes you look more official when networking, interviewing, or attending career fairs than having your very own business cards to pass out. We know how important making a great impression is, and we want to help our students stick out and be remembered by those you meet. U-M students are eligible to receive a free set of 30 business cards, compliments of the Alumni Association and our members.

How to Order

For the 2017-18 school year, we have three order windows for free business cards:

  • Order Aug. 21 – Sept. 7 | Pick up Sept. 18 – Dec. 1
  • Order Dec. 1 – Dec. 18 | Pick up Jan. 8 – March 1
  • Order Feb. 8 – Feb. 23 | Pick up March 6 – May 1

Note: Business cards will be disposed of at the end of the pick-up window. Make sure to retrieve yours before they’re gone!