Peer Mentoring

Whether you’re a freshman, a senior or somewhere in between, knowing someone has your back is a good feeling! So take advantage of the support offered by your LEAD peers, and actively participate in the LEAD Peer Mentorship program.

How does it work?

All freshmen are automatically matched with an upperclassman for their first year and that relationship continues throughout their years at Michigan. Sophomores and above can continue to participate as a mentor to a freshman and, of course, as a mentee to the scholar who was their first year mentor.

The LEAD Advisory Board is planning several events just for mentor/mentee pairs this year (like mentor/mentee bowling). These will be awesome opportunities for you to further your mentoring relationship and, most times, they’re free! Don’t forget, just attending any LEAD event together can be fun. Plus watch for opportunities to bring your mentor or mentee to LEAD events for a chance to win fun giveaways for the both of you.


Here’s a few things to help make this your best mentor/mentee year ever.

Tips and Expectations


  • Show initiative with your mentee, get in contact with them as soon as you are matched

  • Share both your academic and professional experiences, such as your daily routine, personal hobbies, work life, etc.

  • Discuss the expectations for the year. Are you both on the same page in what you want to get out of this mentorship? How often do you want to meet? What activities would you like to do together? Who coordinates the activities?

  • Explain your limitations and when you are most available.

  • Find common ground, find out interests that you both share.

  • Introduce mentee to the campus/Ann Arbor community


  • Contact your mentor as soon as you are matched

  • Share what you are excited and concerned about coming to U-M. Ask peer mentor to share their stories.

  • Discuss expectations to ensure both are in agreement on what both want

  • Find common ground, find out interests that you both share.

Upon First Meeting

Introduce yourself and share some information, such as where you’re from, what brought you to the University, what you’re studying, etc. Answer any questions your mentee may have. To continue the conversation and get to know each other, here as some sample questions you could ask:

  • Where are you from?

  • What you do over the summer?

  • What made you decide to choose Michigan?

  • Do you have any nicknames you prefer to use?

  • What kind of music do you listen to?

  • What’s your favorite movie or tv show?

  • What aspect of college are you most excited about? Concerned about?

  • What kind of activities would you like to do?


Here is a basic outline to keep mentors and mentees on track and communicating:


  • Mentors and mentees meet for the first time.

  • Attend a Welcome Week Activity

  • Attend at least one LEAD event

  • Give your mentee a tour of campus, Ann Arbor

Monthly Duties

  • Plan to meet at least once a month

  • Go to LEAD events together and/or plan activities to do together on your own

  • Around mid-terms and exam times, mentees may be stressed. give them some tips or resources to help. Contact may slow, but still try to keep in touch.


  • As the year wraps up, look back and discuss the past year

  • Give the LEAD program your feedback on the Mentorship program


Monthly Email

The LEAD Staff will send out a reminder every second Friday of the month to remind mentors and their mentees to touch base with each other.

LEAD Newsletter

In the monthly LEAD newsletters we will feature reminders and spotlight activities mentors and mentees might be interested in attending. Remember to take pictures of your mentor/mentee activities and we’ll include them periodically in our newsletter.


Mid-Year CheckIn

At the end of the Fall semester, in late December after final exams are all done, a survey will be sent out to all the mentors and mentees asking them to reflect and evaluate the relationship of you and your mentor/mentee so far.

End of the Year Evaluation

In April an evaluation will be sent out to all of the participants to evaluate the Mentorship Program and offer up any suggestions for improvements.


Mentor and Mentee Awards

In April we will ask all the mentors and mentees to write a short essay describing their mentor or mentee and what makes them great. Those pairs that we feel are the best examples of an outstanding mentor/mentee pairs will win a prize.