We know there’s a special place in your heart for the University of Michigan. And nobody knows that Maize and Blue feeling better than we do. Which is why more alumni like you look to us to be your connection back, your connection to fellow Wolverines, and your partner in driving success. Get to know what we’re all about…


The Alumni Association is the hub of the University community through which alumni access resources to better themselves, the University and the world.


The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan is an independent, worldwide organization that nurtures lifelong relationships with and among current and future Michigan alumni. As a committed partner of the University, the Association offers programs of relevance and service to alumni and creates support for the University. Underlying all that we do is the belief in the value of education to the well-being of society, and a commitment to integrity, diversity and service.



  • There is a shorthand we speak.

    East Quad. Blimpie Quint. Bo. Fairy Doors. The Big House. And we’re proud to say we know exactly what the other person speaks of.

    Because this is where we hail from— the University of Michigan.
    It’s here we left a footprint to the side of the Block “M” on the Diag. And a handprint on the Cube. A porch on a street like N. Division served as a place where politics was debated, and “away” games were watched on a TV plugged into a long extension cord.

  • You are part of a unique shared experience that dates back to 1817.

    You have roots here unlike anywhere else. This is where a commitment to academic excellence helped you raise your own bar. Shaped you into the person you are today. Because of that, you hold your chin a little higher and pull your shoulders back a little farther when you answer the question, “Where did you go to school?”

  • At some point, you toss a mortarboard to the sky and go on to live in places like California or Texas or in a twist of fate, near Ohio State…but you are never far from the University of Michigan or Ann Arbor.

    You are never far as long as you are part of one thing…

  • The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

    No other organization knows that Wolverine state of mind better. The Maize and Blue that runs through your veins. That kindred spirit you feel when you see someone in a place as far away as China wearing a U-M T-shirt.

    We know that feeling. In fact, there are over 575,000 of us who know that feeling.

  • The Alumni Association is the best way to maintain the tie with a place that has been woven into your DNA. It’s for those who leave Michigan, but for whom Michigan never leaves.

    We give you today’s U-M and Ann Arbor like no one else can. This is how you tap into the culture, the mindset here. How you create the linkage with the people who share your passion. And how you close the gap between being a student and being an alumnus.

  • It’s a group of people coming together to remind you that State Street is still close. That the bells of Burton Tower still ring for you. With us, it’s as if you can still feel the early morning practice of the marching band thump in your chest. And smell the dry golden leaves that blanket Ann Arbor in the fall.

    There’s a special place in your heart for Michigan. A profound pride. And that pride continues as a member of the Alumni Association.

    Where the University of Michigan lives on.


Core to our brand is the idea that Michigan is more than a place. It’s a mindset that connects us and no one knows it like the Alumni Association. Our purpose is to help alumni feel a profound sense of pride in where they are from and where they are going. We have a long tradition of fiercely committed students and alumni who bleed the maize and blue, no matter how old they are or where they live. How we deliver on that feeling of pride is through our four brand values…

The idea here is that everything revolves around that innate pride we feel about where we came from and how it manifests itself into the Pursuit of Excellence, the Power of the Community, a desire to Keep the Spirit Alive and a commitment to Help Others Thrive. From that, we engage, we join, we give back.


From the very beginning, graduates of the University of Michigan have wanted to stay connected to their esteemed alma mater and each other. Upon its first commencement, on August 6, 1845, a graduating class of 11 immediately formed a Society of the Alumni, whose goal was to invite an orator and poet for the next annual meeting.

Through the rest of the 1800s, the alumni body continued to grow and stay active, although usually in an unstructured way. In 1868, the first regional alumni meeting took place in Chicago, followed by others in San francisco and Japan.

By 1892, there were 11,449 alumni of the University of Michigan with individual alumni societies for graduates of LSA, law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and homeopathic medicine. Feeling disjointed, representatives from these six societies met in the old chapel in University Hall on June 30, 1897, and voted to consolidate into one unified alumni organization. That vote founded the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan.

Less than one month later, alumni leaders made certain that the newly created Alumni Association was officially recognized as an independent, nonprofit corporation, organized under the laws of Michigan. Before the year was over, the Alumni Association purchased Michigan Alumnus, the magazine started three years earlier by Alvick Pearson, a member of the class of 1894. In 1897, the Alumni Association hired a full-time, salaried administrator, becoming the first alumni organization in the world to do so.

The University of Michigan Alumni Association continued to be a pioneer and forerunner of alumni organizations. As one of the first alumni associations to organize a travel program, many of the trips taken over the past 50 years had never been done before. Early trips included taking 50 people to Western Europe in the summer of 1963, a Rose Bowl tour the following year in which 800 people traveled by air, and an around-the-world, three-month cruise in 1966 with 120 people.

The Alumni Association was also one of the first alumni organizations to begin a camping program for alumni. In August of 1961, two one-week sessions for Alumni Association members and their families were offered at the University’s Biological Station on Douglas Lake in northern Michigan. In the fall of 1962, the Association purchased a permanent location for what is Camp Michigania, about 45 miles away. The beloved camp has become a summer tradition for thousands of alumni, who meet together on the shores of Walloon Lake and pass on this unique Michigan experience to later generations.

Fast forward to today and the Alumni Association thrives, remaining at the top of the industry with over 100,000 members strong who are making an impact around the world. And with a staff of 70+, over 1,000 volunteers and 100+ alumni clubs and groups around the world, we continue to work diligently to keep alumni connected to one another, foster their success and stay engaged with the University of Michigan and Ann Arbor.